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For over 15 years, SBIT Group has provided customized IT and network support to residents and small businesses in the Santa Barbara tri-county area and beyond.

Now laser focused on delivering outstanding managed network and IT solutions through a best-in-class internal toolset, SBIT proactively monitors hundreds of computer systems and complex network infrastructures 24/7/365. And our clients enjoy the tangible benefits of increased security, reliability, and efficiency as a result.

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SBIT Group proactively manages every phase of the IT Lifecycle for our clients; from design to wiring, equipment sales, installation, programming, monitoring, and on-going support.

Our authorized solution partners include SonicWALL, Dell Small Business, Microsoft Cloud Services, Google G Suite, and Right Networks Hosting, and we stand behind our no-nonsense approach to engineering.

Once your systems are up and running, sophisticated Remote Monitoring and Management platforms track your Networks and Computers around the clock, identifying trouble areas and automatically remediating issues. Any item requiring deeper investigation is instantly escalated to our team, extending our capability to seamlessly support your operations with the least possible downtime. Many issues are resolved before our clients even know they exist.

When high uptime in the 21st century means the difference between success and failure, count on SBIT Group to deliver value through consistent performance, security and reliability.

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Whether building an ultra-fast wireless network, helping your company comply with industry regulations, or crafting a reliable Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plan, SBIT Group has decades of combined experience to help keep your digital life running at light speed.

We are thoroughly cross-platform and happily support Macs and PCs, Desktops and Laptops, On-Premise and Cloud infrastructure alike. Our secure, detailed and powerful documentation platform empowers our staff, and yours, with the information necessary to fix the correct problem, the right way, the first time.

By following standardized procedures and adhering to industry best practices our engineers delve far deeper than your neighborhood tech guy. We help maximize your ROI by leveraging the highest quality vendors, focusing on process efficiency at every step, and doing things right from day one.

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SBIT Group's Network Specialists have years of experience helping local restaurants and retail owners navigate the demanding requirements put forward by the Payment Card Industry's Digital Security Standards (PCI-DSS). These guidelines ensure vendor networks and Point-Of-Sale systems meet acceptable standards for safe, reliable, and compliant operation.

More small businesses are being overwhelmed by these confusing and complicated industry restrictions than ever before, and SBIT Group can help.

Learn the facts about PCI Compliance below. Then call us for a clear path forward.


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